KET KET Adult Learning

While Supplies Last

To make room for new products, we’re discontinuing some of our old favorites. If you’re loyal to one of the titles below, please place your order while supplies last. If we run out of your favorite title, be sure to call us at 800.354.9067 and ask whether one of our newer products might take its place.

Learn to Read video newsprint supplement
Newsprint workbook supplement to accompany the series (level 0-4)

$ 0.75

Math Basics student workbook
To accompany the series (level 6-8)

$ 1.95

Learn to Read DVD series (8 DVDs)
30 (30 min.) sequential reading programs for adult new readers on 8 DVDs

$ 95.00

Learn to Read teacher's guide
Teacher's guide to accompany the series

$ 2.25

Math Basics teacher's guide
To accompany the series

$ 2.25

Math Basics DVD series (3 DVDs)
15 (approx. 20 min.) math programs on 3 DVDs

$ 95.00